Welcome to World Water Group, Inc.

To meet the growing world need for pure water solutions.

World Water Group was formed to be a global leader in providing cutting-edge technology to meet the growing need for better eco-friendly solutions in the fields of commercial and retail water filtration, waste water treatment, heavy metal remediation, anti-microbial treatments, water and soil redemption, and the removal of radioactive contaminants from soil and agricultural toxic waste.

With over 100 years’ experience in these fields, we bring innovative new technologies to the market to solve customer needs with affordable all-natural solutions while safeguarding the environment.

Inspired by a passion to be best in class in everything we do – we have developed proprietary products which include the ability to provide bacteria and virus free potable drinking water from rivers, lakes and streams; separate animal liquid and solid waste into re-usable drinking water and high grade organic fertilizer; redeem polluted soil from oil rigs, mines and water sheds back to their original state; and remove radioactivity from the ground so that it can once more be productive for agricultural use.

We look forward putting to work for you our superior patented technologies to make life better for you, your people, your customers and the environment.